Advantages of Debt Settlement

Since the financial crisis of 2008 started the “Great Recession,” countless Americans have had to turn to debt relief as a way to solve their debt problems. Many consumers have questions about debt settlement, since companies seemed to spring up overnight offering “great ways to pay off debt” and the opportunity to “cut your debt by up to 75%.”

In the end, the staff at Consolifi will tell you that debt settlement isn’t just haggling over the amount of money a debtor claims you owe. There are many advantages to hiring a debt settlement company to help you get relief from your debt, including:

  • Lowering the interest rates of your loans – Settling your loans can mean paying a lower overall interest rate on your debt which will ultimately save you money.
  • Lowering the total amount you owe – Unlike a debt consolidation or credit counseling plan, debt settlement can help you pay a much lower amount than what you originally owed.
  • Creating a plan and goals to eliminate debt – Instead of trying to pay off debt as you go, it creates a plan to eliminate your debts strategically with you go with debt resolution professionals who know how to handle serious financial problems.
  • Settling debt in 2-4 years instead of up to 9 years – With credit counseling, it can take up to 9 years to pay off your debt. A quality debt settlement company can help solve your debts in 1/3 the time.
  • Taking less of a credit hit than bankruptcy – Almost every option is better than bankruptcy, which is truly a “nuclear option” on debt relief. Debt Settlement allows you to pay off what you can without having to destroy your credit for up to a decade.

There are many other benefits, including a greater level of privacy, putting the consumer more in control of the process and a lower overall cost than other debt relief options. Contact Consolify today and put our experts to work for you, eliminating your unsecured debts, including credit card, medical bill, private student loan, personal loan and more.

We are 100% performance based and FTC compliant. “If we don’t resolve your debt’s to your liking, you don’t pay.” It’s that simple!

  • Settling all of a consumer’s debts in 2-4 years is Consolifi primary goal, making it much quicker to pay off a debt as opposed to other debt solutions such as credit counseling and debt consolidation.
  • The debt settlement option might be the best choice for consumers with large amounts of unsecured debt. Those looking to talk to an expert can contact Consolifi at 888-425-7594 and speak to an experienced professional right away. Interest rates are compounded, meaning that every day a person lets their credit card bills sit, they get bigger. At Consolifi, our company can provide debt resolution options in a fast, effective manner.
One more plus, we are 100% performance based and FTC compliant. “If we don’t resolve your debt’s to your liking, you don’t pay.” It’s that simple!

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