Credit Card Counseling Services

Are you aware that the average American household has over $15,000 in credit card debt? The interest rates on some of these cards can reach up to 36% in some instances, making that debt astronomical. There are many debt resolution options, and one of them is credit card counseling services.

There are many non-profit credit counselors who can provide services locally, over the telephone or online. Unfortunately, “non-profit” does not mean these organizations are reputable, effective or free. In fact, many personal finance experts guide people away from such organizations, experts like Dave Ramsey and Suze Orman. These non-profits can take advantage of desperate consumers by advertising false promises. Credit counseling establishes an effective and efficient debt management plan and budget to help pay off credit card debt while avoiding future debt.

Every one of our professionals will provide a level of high-quality counseling as they talk consumers through their various debt repayment options. At Consolifi, we provide credit card counseling in essence to everyone we work with, as we help them find the best debt resolution program for them. Credit counseling can help you avoid bankruptcy, but it might not be the best debt resolution option available for your specific financial problems.

With the average American household carrying tens of thousands of dollars in debt, it is difficult to know what the best solution is to each debt problem. Whether you have credit card, department store, medical bills, student loan or personal loan debt, having a trusted and experienced professional working with you to help solve your debt problems is important.

One debt resolution option is credit counseling, which establishes an effective and efficient debt management plan and budget to help pay off debt and helps educate the consumer on avoiding future debt. A credit counseling program develops a planned method of debt relief, helping teach consumers about debt while simultaneously helping them pay off the debt they have.

A debt management plan will be catered to your specific needs, which will involve an analysis of both your debts and your income. Ultimately, credit counseling can help you avoid bankruptcy. Call Consolifi today at 888 -425-7594 and let us walk you through the best way to pay off your debts. We are a performance-based company with FTC compliant practices. This means we don’t get paid until your debt is paid off to you satisfaction.